Domestic Chef Metal Finish Classic Gift Set – 15 Pcs


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  • Polished aluminum
  • Metal Finished
  • Excellent heat conductors
  • 15Pcs Set
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  •  Code : D-47 AL 
  • 22cm Casserole with lid
  • 24cm Casserole with lid
  • 28cm Casserole with lid
  • 30cm Wok with lid
  • 18cm Saucepan with lid
  • 24cm Frying pan
  • 12inch Baking disk
  • 3 pcs Nylon spoon
  • Domestic chef aluminum cooking pots are the traditional cooking pots used for cooking and other foods. Our aluminum cooking pots are a must-have for Hispanic households that want to keep traditions. They are durable and long-lasting and excellent heat conductors, meaning cooking is more efficient and less costly. The perfectly crafted lids seal in heat and steam, keeping your meats, rice, and stews moist while cooking to perfection. The versatility of this cookware is endless, it is quite a simple, but perfect product and makes a great gift.


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